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Satisfied. The tutor was very knowledgable. Good application. 10/10

College Pre-CalculusRicardo, US

The help I received was amazing. I am very thanksful!

College English Reading and WritingNayeli, US

Neha, is an incredible tutor. Her academic knowledge of Accounting and Microsoft Excel is very outstanding. She has enable me to obtain high marks in my classes

Class I - VIII Basic ComputersPerry, US

You are great

College AlgebraAbeer, US


College AccountingMatt, US

Great job

College AccountingShakeh, US

You are great

College AlgebraAbeer, US

Great tutoring...makes life a lot easier...definitely will be doing more sessions in the future.

College Calculus I & IIMohammad, US

I haven\'t gotten a grade yet, but it looks like Budhesh did well and followed the directions. I would like him to help complete future assignments.

College Business (General)Erik, US

This service is great and its cheap and effective. Thanks

College Calculus I & IIWilliam, US

Great help. knows what she is talking about!

College AlgebraAshley, US

Was great. Thank you for your help.

College AlgebraSheree, US

The BESTTTT!!!!!

College Calculus I & IIErika, US

Alok helped with the problems and even gave me a free session.

College Calculus I & IIReema, US

She was very good and taught me everything I needed to know!

College Biology (General)AbbySperr, US

Explained concept really well

College Chemistry (General)Richard, US

I was very pleased with Mr. Kanchan. I am looking forward to our next sessions.

College Economics (General)Etter, US

I must do this again.....thanks....great work

College Biology (General)Yolanda, US

I really like her because she speaks loudly and clearly and makes sure you understand. She doesn\'t waste time and makes sure you get the problem. I think sh

College AccountingJohn, US

Amazing help, lead me to the correct direction right away, and solved my confusion.

College Calculus I & IIAndres, US

Everything is good

College Biology (General)Taysir, US

She was amazing

College Biology (General)Sentifina, US

The tutor's work was excellent . Thank you very much.

College Biology (Genetics)Maria, US

Could help with all questions

College Calculus I & IIJustin, US

My daughter did great with her methods of teaching.

Class I - VIII GermanTayana, US

Great session! The tutor was on time and explained all of my questions. In one case provided written explanation of the rules when I was not understanding. E

College AlgebraElza, US

This is my first interaction with Eduwizards and I am totally impressed. Assignment help was impeccable. Looking forward to working with you! Jon, Florida

College Business (General)Jon, US

Awesome tutor!

College Calculus I & IIMathew, US

It was a great help

College AccountingTammy, US

Great job, huge help to understand the problem!!

College Calculus I & IIJoseph, US

She helped me with the problem areas I had questions about.

College AlgebraMary, US

Thank you so much. I received much more help than I expected. It would have been nice to have a program like this back in HS or college. Thank you so much!

College StatisticsLindsay, US

This tutor is always helpful and polite. This tutor is my favorite one!

College StatisticsKaren, US

Really really good! super fast and really knew what she was talking about.

College Biology (Anatomy)Randi, US


College Calculus I & IIMohammed, US

Happy to pay this tutor

College ManagementNawana, US

He knew everything and he was fantastic! Would use again for sure.

College Calculus I & IIGarrett, US

Answered my question fast and accurately and with enough detail that I was satisfied. Thank you.

College AlgebraWendyWilliams, US

Thank you so much for the time

College TrigonometryRichard, US

This tutor is always helpful and polite. This tutor is my favorite one!

College StatisticsKaren, US

The tutor went over each questions I have step by step. His explanation was easy to understand and follow.Overall he was an excellent tutor and it was pleasant

College Physics (General)Hee, US

Great person very knowledgable and professional. Very coutious also.

College AlgebraJeffrey, US

Excellent tutor! Very helpful!

College Calculus I & IIHolloway, US

This was my first time doing an online tutoring and didn't know what to expect but it still turned out to be a great session. Good job!!!

College Calculus I & IIDennis, US

Abhijit is a pro, helped me right away and I know what I need to do Super smart and really helped!

College StatisticsKaren, US

Eduwizard support staff and tutor helped sort out an issue with the homework and it eventually worked out.

College SpanishLevi, US

Very good at what he does. I actually spoke with him and he went over some difficult material step by step. Highly recommended!

College AlgebraVernon, US

Thank you for the great service

College AccountingAlexander, US

Totally great work

College English Reading and WritingLarry, US


College StatisticsMatthew, US

I dont know if he or she but is the best. my teacher could not answer this questions, but this tutor did. thank u very much

College AlgebraNeamatGatea, US

Thank you very much for your help.

College GeometryLenna, US

Great tutor, very precise in his knowledge, will use again!

College Human ResourcesNoemi, US

The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me see what I was doing wrong and helped me understand how to correct my issues.

College TrigonometryAaron, US

AWESOME TUTOR!! Explains really well.

College AlgebraBlanca, US

Great help with the statistics assignment help. Was really good. I am really happy overall.

College StatisticsStephen, US

This guy is good...I recommend him over others...very confident...he doe not waste time...gets through many problems quick

College Physics (Modern)Jose, US

Great input.

College Calculus I & IIRavindra, US


College StatisticsMatthew, US

Thank you, everything looks great.Yes he did a good job as far as I see.

College FinanceFrancheska, US

Really really good! super fast and really knew what she was talking about.

College Biology (Anatomy)Randi, US

Thanks for helping me out. You did a great job explaning

College Biology (General)Kelsy, US

Best totur ever

College Chemistry (General)James, US


College Pre-CalculusJoshua, US

Sashikant helped me out greatly on this assignment, easy to understand the concepts. 100% all the way.

College FinanceK., US

Thank you this is perfect.

College FinanceLauren, US

Ranbir, takes the time to explain each problem before we are able to move forward. even after the steps are taken, he reviews what we have been working on,also

College AlgebraFrieda, US

Thank you

College AlgebraKelbiConner, US

Good job

College Economics (General)Teakyung, US

Ms. Lorraine is a great spanish tutor.

College SpanishShawn, US

Madhavi is such a nice lady. She has patience and understands you. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what strategies to use to explain the material. I l

College Calculus I & IILillian, US

Manas helped me tremendously and answered in a timely fashion. I definately will use Manas again.

ScienceMichelle, US

I am very happy with the help.

College StatisticsEdward, US

Very nice and explained what I did wrong so I know how to do the problems correctly now. Thank you!

College AlgebraShanon, US

Feedback = looks great!

College Chemistry (General)Mike, US

Very helpful

College AccountingGreg, US

She really takes the time to explain and is patient with her explanations. She will repeat herself if necessary without getting frustrated. Extremely helpful

College Calculus I & IIEden, US

Awesome! :D

College AlgebraJackie, US


College Discrete MathematicsPedram, US

Very pleased

College AlgebraJaime, US

Done very well

College Physics (General)Harjeet, US

Very helpful

College Calculus I & IIMichael, US

This was my first time ever getting on line tutoring.My tutor was more than patient and helpful, he took the time to help me understand the system. After he mad

College AlgebraLisa, US

Manjri is the sweetest and the smartest Calculus tutor ever! :-|

College Calculus I & IIJulieGeorge, US

Very well done. Lots of good information to use as reference material.

College FinanceCarey, US

Very Helpful and Friendly

Class I - VIII SpanishAlena, US

Very good at math.

College Calculus I & IICwraabe, US

This was a great tutorial.

College Business (General)Kevin, US


College AlgebraSarah, US

Simply the best :)

College English Reading and WritingKhaled, US

Very helpful, clear voice and solve all my doubts steps by steps. have an ability to solve any problems quick without wasting single second.

College AlgebraMadhu, US

Neha was very helpful and explained the problems that I needed help with quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed working with her.

College Calculus I & IIBrett, US

Thank you for your help.

College StatisticsEva, US

Great job, very grateful for all the help!

Business StudiesLisa, US


College AccountingFrank, US

Everything worked out fines thanx a lot.

College Discrete MathematicsReaynard, US

This tutor was exceptional and very helpful. She was cheerful and helped in every way that she could. I will definiltley seek her help again.

College Calculus I & IIMatthewSeifert, US

Very thorough and conscious of my areas of concern. Prepared in the topic areas that I requested and helpful in laying out the material step-by-step.

College Biology (General)Reimnitz, US

Very patient, but had to work through perceived understanding assumptions made by the Raj. Maybe he's used to more proficient students who knows all the steps

College Calculus I & IIMichael, US

Loved it got to the point in answering the quesrtions

College Biology(Biotechnology)Roderick, US

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