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Very helpful, clear voice and solve all my doubts steps by steps. have an ability to solve any problems quick without wasting single second.

College AlgebraMadhu, US

The tutor helped me alot, and answered all my tutor ever

College StatisticsSoha, US

I really like her because she speaks loudly and clearly and makes sure you understand. She doesn\'t waste time and makes sure you get the problem. I think sh

College AccountingJohn, US

Excellent tutor! Worked with me every step of the way (math is my weakness). Very helpful going through everything and visually showing everything on the board

College Linear AlgebraMatt, US

The assignement help was very helpful. Thank you.

College Biology (General)Tamra, US

Neha was very helpful and explained the problems that I needed help with quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed working with her.

College Calculus I & IIBrett, US

She did a wonderful job and showed patience. She was even kind to double check all my homework.

College AlgebraVanessaCook, US

Very knowledgeable and required my participation in solving problem.

College StatisticsAlvin, US

Fares Da Silva is a very good Spanish teacher. So far my daughter has taken 14 lessons of Spanish Language(college level) and she is happy with the quality of c

College SpanishPooja, India

Thanks for helping me out. You did a great job explaning

College Biology (General)Kelsy, US

Knew the concepts well and was patient when I didn't understand things

College Chemistry (General)Annie, US

Great job

College AccountingShakeh, US

Everything is fine and the assignment was helpful in pointing me to the right direction.

CFA Certification TrainingRose, US

Very Helpful

College Chemistry (Organic)Torry, US

By far the best of the tutors I have used so far. He has always provided a step by step solution - not just an answer.

College Calculus I & IIBrian, US

Very clear and knew everything that i was talking about.

College AlgebraDerick, US

Thank you very much! Very helpful!

College Physics (General)Zachary, US

Vanessa covered the materials in detail, and systematically helped our daughter in understanding and oral expression. The session was well done and very effici

Class I - VIII SpanishOH, US

Great session! The tutor was on time and explained all of my questions. In one case provided written explanation of the rules when I was not understanding. E

College AlgebraElza, US

Thank you so much for going step by step.

College Mathematics (General)Jodi, US

I think he was very helpful to find out what I needed help on

Class I - VIII SpanishHaisley, US

He was awesome! A great help!!

College Physics (General)Shelby, US

I thought the interaction was helpful. I caught the tutor off guard by introducing some terminology that is unique to specific teachers. She adjusted well.

College Calculus I & IITommyElliott, US

Fully explained concepts

College StatisticsJason, US

Really Dr. S B K was very cooperative and helped me a lot and he promptly replied to me. Therefore he is very great, helpful and kind person. I recommend all s

College Biology (Molecular)Ahmed, US

Always a big help. Highly recommend.

College AlgebraGina, US

The tutor went over each questions I have step by step. His explanation was easy to understand and follow.Overall he was an excellent tutor and it was pleasant

College Physics (General)Hee, US

Thank you so much

EnglishAmmar, US

Great help

College AlgebraJess, US

She was amazing! Best tutor yet!

College AlgebraCameron, US

Jessica does an outstanding job helping me with my assignments. Her notes are very useful and she is very timely.

College SpanishJohn, US


College AlgebraSophie, US

Was great. Thank you for your help.

College AlgebraSheree, US

I would like to leave the best review possible for this tutor. Finished on time, was very detailed, I understood what was done, step by step, and most importan

College Calculus III & IVJustin, US

Excellent session. Manjri is very knowledgeable and professional.

College AlgebraJuanita, US

Steve is truly a very good instructor/tutor and his knowledge in math (precal) appears second nature. I strongly recommend him as a tutor for anyone looking fo

College Pre-CalculusMichael, US

Great tutor and timely delivery.

College Physics (General)Sen, US

Thank you for providing us a very informative and interactive webinar (Five stars). You have a great product and service to offer. I enjoy your presentation ver

College Pre-CalculusElizabethGonzales, US

Thank you for your help!

College AccountingJim, US

I would highly recommend tutor Ankit A and eduwizards to everyone in need.

MathematicsDalila, US

Thank you so much. I received much more help than I expected. It would have been nice to have a program like this back in HS or college. Thank you so much!

College StatisticsLindsay, US

Great tutor.

College AlgebraBailey, US

He helped so much !!!

College English Reading and WritingMay, US

Great tutor.

College GeometryGuadalupe, US

Manjri, I can't thank you enough. You were patient, helpful, and very informed about the algebra subject. I felt very comfortable as you went through the steps

College AlgebraAnnie, US

Neha was very patient and helpful, she was able to quickly answer the many questions I had on statistics.

College StatisticsPatrick, US

Thanks for the help! It was fast and very helpful.

College Discrete MathematicsHeath, US

I am very happy with the help.

College StatisticsEdward, US

Ankit is so awesome. She is so patient. I will always ask for her for future sessions. I appreciate all her efforts to help greatly. God bless her.

College AlgebraTerry, US

This tutor was very helpful and knew what he was doing. He was able to understand the questions, answer them, and explain them very well.

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Justin, US

Very informational and cleared up some questions I was having.

College Biology (General)Angela, US

The tutor did an exceptional job.

College AlgebraWilliam, US

Great session! Thank you for the help!

College AlgebraClaudia, US

Fabulous!! Brillian instructor, patient, huge help

College StatisticsLisa, US

Was so helpful to me. his explination was so clear. thx

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringWaleed, US

Very professional, on time, and explains questions thoroughly. I recommend to anyone.

College AccountingHugo, US

Connection was poor which caused the audio to be choppy. instruction was fine.

College Calculus I & IIBrion, US

This was my first time doing an online tutoring and didn't know what to expect but it still turned out to be a great session. Good job!!!

College Calculus I & IIDennis, US

It was done in a perfect way

Business StudiesFato, US

Thanks for the help! Very informative.

College MacroeconomicsSonya, US

Very great teacher

College Linear AlgebraCorbin, US


College ManagementCaidouer, US


College Physics (General)Sara, US

Patient thank you

College Calculus I & IIWayne, US

I thought he was very good

College Mathematics (General)Gregory, US

Everything went very well after I was able to log in. I am starting to grasp the concept of bringing the terms over and watching for me signs. Madhavi gave me a

College AlgebraDiette, US

She was amazing! Best tutor yet!

College AlgebraCameron, US

Was great. Thank you for your help.

College AlgebraSheree, US

She was patient and very informative

College StatisticsCathy, US

Very good at explaining the solutions and showing steps. Great job!

College Calculus I & IIBobby, US

Very clear and knew everything that i was talking about.

College AlgebraDerick, US

Neha is the best .

College Pre-CalculusMuhammad, US

The tutor did a grat job.

College Business (General)Sara, US

Student wrote to Ankit through the email tab : \"Hi Ankit,Thanks a lot for the assignment help. It was nice of you to spend lots of time on itDevika\"

MathematicsDevika, US

Working with Usha Jain in my Anthropology course helped me alot ,I would not make it without her .Because of her I got A+ in Anthropology course.I highly recomm

College Anthropology ScienceTalal, US

Great tutor

College AlgebraAlexis, US

He helped me an awful lot!!!

College StatisticsHolly, US

Thank you very much!!!!

College Chemistry (Organic)Kathryn, US

Thank you so much for helping me. If it weren't for you I would have been stressing out. You are a lifesaver.

EnglishAnisha, US

Kim is great with Jaden

Class I - VIII GermanJaden, US

Awesome tutor.

College AlgebraJavier, US

This was the first time I was able to communicate with the tutor from my headset. She went out of her way to make sure I understood the problems. she also prov

College AlgebraKyle, US

Awesome tutor

College English Reading and WritingWanda, US

Very professional and helped me out on short notice. If I need help again, I will most certainly be asking for you.

College Anthropology ScienceChris, US

Very Effective lesson

College Calculus III & IVOssie, US

Thanks again-I have been very pleased with Eduwizards service!

College StatisticsElizabeth, US

This is an awesome thing that Embry Riddle is offering!! I needed help trying to understand how to do something and this helped. I also was able to get immediat

College Mathematics (General)David, US

The tutor did a great job helping on both my assignments I submitted. Thanks a whole bunch!

College Business (General)Samantha, US

Perfect !

College Biology (General)Josette, US

Very smart tutor. She knows her stuff.

StatisticsSean, US

I really understand what i need to now thanks a lot it was good help !

College AlgebraRicky, US

Great tutor. A+++++++++

College Discrete MathematicsJay, US

Jessica's amazing! She breaks Spanish down and makes is easy to understand.

College SpanishAnthony, US

Thanks..Explanation was perfect

International LawJatin, India

Great explanations

College Chemistry (General)Nihir, US

She is awesome, and helpful.

Class I - VIII GermanShahad, US


College Mathematics (General)Victoria, US

Very good at what he does. I actually spoke with him and he went over some difficult material step by step. Highly recommended!

College AlgebraVernon, US


College AlgebraStephanieRamales, US

Great tutor with differential equations. Was very patient and explained step by step. Will definitely use Ankit A again and totally recommend this tutor.

College Calculus for BusinessTab, US

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