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Cash Coupons for Students

Students who take tutoring with Eduwizards Tutors get Cash Coupons. For each block of tutoring hours, new Cash Coupons are awarded. Students can use these for themselves and/or gift these to friends and relatives.
These Cash Coupons can be used for Practice Exams and Solutions (choice of Web, CD, Tablet or Mobile Apps), or can be redeemed for Practice Tests purchases at These Cash Coupons can also be used on our new Live Tutoring App. This App has (1) By-the- minute On-Demand Instant Tutoring using whiteboard with voice and (2) Low-cost Question Submission where Answers are provided within minutes. This app is a paid service for India and USA students. However, students who take tutoring with Eduwizards can use these additional services free with their earned cash coupons. Practice Tests offers the most effective way for you to test your preparation.
You get a Test Report which includes Detailed Results and Time Analysis. The report analyzes your performance Overall, Section-Wise, Question-Wise, Difficulty-Level Wise, Time Spent per Question and Effectiveness of Time Usage. You also have Full Solutions to all Questions.
You are also be able to Create Your Own Test by choosing from the topics/chapters.
You are able to instantly compare results with others who have taken the same test.
Starting late 2016 Eduwizads will also be offering Next-Generation Adaptive Testing and Gamification to its students.
Why does Eduwizards combine one-on-one tutoring and test practice?
Academic research done by leading education scholars has shown that students perform best when learning is supplemented with testing and self-practice. Such self-practice is best when it includes complete feedback that allows student to identify strong and weak areas as well as learn time management in testing.
What students say about tutors
Tutor Neha A. Neha was very helpful and knowledgeable - Student Thompson, US
Tutor Ankit A. Very helpful - Student Greg, US
Tutor Alok M. Alok helped with the problems and even gave me a free session. - Student Reema, US